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The Clarks invite you to see their home and find out for yourselves why you might want to build a log or timber home!

In the Clarks' search for a log home provider, they discovered Expedition Log & Timber Homes and built their beautiful log home in 2011.  They love the log home lifestyle and, they especially love helping other people to make their log or timber home dreams come true.


Claire Clark is an architect licensed in Arizona and California. She has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. Besides being a log & timber home enthusiast she has a strong background in; general residential design, underground infrastructure installation, public school construction and modernization, park/recreation construction and commercial construction and renovation. She is very creative and especially attentive to the smallest detail.


Barrie Clark is a technologist.  He has over 50 years of experience in the computer and electronics field.  He is a home-automation advocate and specializes in the electrical, heating/cooling and plumbing systems of A-N-D’s buildings.  He is also very detail-oriented and understands how the parts that make up the systems of a building should work together, operating seamlessly.  He is passionate about building performance and endeavors to make each building as cost effective as possible.

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